A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Robin Wayne Bailey I've been writing fantasy and science fiction for well over a decade now (check out my new novels, SWORDS AGAINST THE SHADOWLAND and SHADOWDANCE), and I've been a fan of the genre for far longer. After nine years, I've resigned as the Central/South Regional Director of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. (I'm free! I'm free!). I'm one of the founders and board members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, and a member of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. I'm also an avid book collector and a fan historian.

I've been a musician and singer, a planetarium lecturer, and a martial arts instructor. Musically, I continue to perform at the occassional benefit for various AIDS charities. My martial arts these days consists mostly of kata and bag-work. I'm into body-building, soccer, and cycling as well. Use the handy menu-bar below to explore some of the other wings of this strange little museum.
Robin Wayne Bailey

More info: http://home.earthlink.net/%7Erobinwaynebailey/
More info: http://sff.net/people/sfreader/bailey.htm


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