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Marion Zimmer Bradley (U.S.A., 6/3/1930 - 25/09/1999) Bradley (Breen), Marion (Eleanor) Zimmer

We are saddened to announce the death of Marion Zimmer Bradley on September 25, 1999 -- see news and funeral (links via the Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine).

Marion Zimmer was born in Albany, NY, on June 3, 1930, and married Robert Alden Bradley in 1949. Mrs. Bradley received her B.A. in 1964 from Hardin Simmons University in Texas, then did graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, from 1965-67.

She has been a science fiction/fantasy fan since her middle teens, and made her first sale as an adjunct to an amateur fiction contest in FANTASTIC/AMAZING STORIES in 1949. She has also been writing as long as she can remember, but wrote only for school magazines and fanzines until 1952, when she sold her first professional short story to VORTEX SCIENCE FICTION. She has written everything from science fiction to Gothics, but is probably best known for her Darkover novels.

More info: http://www.mzbfm.com/mzb_bio.htm
More info: http://home.pon.net/rhinoceroslodge/mzb.htm


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