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(U.K., 9/24/1934- ) Brunner, John (Kilian Houston)

John BrunnerAn abituary...

Del Rey Books has been publishing John Brunner since its founding in the late 70s, and we are saddened by his passing last week at WorldCon in Glasgow. I took over editing Brunner in the late 80s, having loved his books for years.

John was an incredibly talented writer and an exacting author. He wrote science fiction in a classic style. His view of the future was not a rosy one; his stories often foretold the dangers of the short-sighted uses to which technology is put, sounding a warning to us all that while technology can enhance human life in wonderful ways, there is another, darker side to technology and a price to be paid for technological advancement.

In recent years, John had often told me that he found it difficult to write stories set out in the wide reaches of the galaxy because he couldn't see how humanity could ever get there. But earlier this summer I had lunch with John and his wife in New York, and John seemed slightly more hopeful than he had been before as we tossed around ideas for a new Brunner epic. It is a shame that we'll now never learn what wonderful new worlds John might have imagined, or have the pleasure of reading about them in John's unique prose.
Stephen Sterns

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More info: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Brunner


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