A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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CJ Cherryh (U.S.A. 9/1/1942- ) Cherryh, C. J. (Carolyn Janice Cherry)

BA in Latin in 1964, U of Okla; MA in Classics at Johns Hopkins U. in Maryland, 1965; and additional language course at OU in 1967.

Academic awards and Honors: American Classical League Scholarship 1960; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Woodrow Wilson Fellow 1964-5 in Classics.

Academic specializations and areas of reasonable competency: Latin, Greek, bronze age myth as related to archaeology; field archaeology (qualified but never practiced); law of early Roman Empire; history of engineering; French (professional translator); Italian and other languages in which I can at least get a drink of water and directions to the train station; was once classroom teacher.

Informal training and areas of personal interest: human genetics, astronomy, space science and aeronautics, astrophysics, botany, geology, climatology (some of this formal education, where it crosses my archaeological studies); cosmology, anthropology; technology in general with practical and anthropological considerations.

Professional experience: teaching Latin, Greek, Ancient History; writing; semiprofessional in archaeological photography Hobbies: guitar and music comp; travel, weaving, exotic finches, marine tank, art.

Literary Award Nominations: Hugo Award, novel The Faded Sun: Kesrith, and short story Cassandra at Seacon, Brighton, England, 1979; Nebula Award, novel The Faded Sun: Kesrith and short story Cassandra, 1979; Hugo Award, novel Downbelow Station in 1982 at Chicago IL, Chicon; Hugo Award, Chanur's Venture, 1985, Hugo Award, novel Cuckoo's Egg, at Atlanta in 1987; nominated Hugo Award, novel Cyteen, in Boston, 1989.

Literary Awards (won): John W. Campbell Award 1977 voted by the World Science Fiction Association at The World Convention: SUNCON, Miami FL, for Best New Writer;
Hugo Award, short story Cassandra at The World Convention: SEACON, Brighton, England, 1979;
Hugo Award, novel Downbelow Station in 1982 at the World Convention at CHICON, Chicago IL;
Locus Award: Cyteen, Best SF Novel of 1988;
Hugo Award, novel Cyteen in 1989, at the World Convention at Boston, Mass, NOREASCON.

I write full time; I travel; I try out things. The list includes, both past tense: fencing, riding, archery, firearms, ancient weapons, donkeys, elephants, camels, butterflies, frogs, wasps, turtles, bees, ants, falconry, exotic swamp plants and tropicals, wilderness survival, fishing, sailing, mechanics, carpentry, wiring, painting (canvas), painting (house), painting (interior), sculpture, needlepoint, refinishing furntiture, video games, archaeology, Roman, Greek civ, Crete, Celts, caves.

I've traveled from New York to Istanbul and Troy; outrun a dog pack, and seen Columbia lift on her first flight. I've fallen down a cave, nearly drowned, broken an arm, been kicked by horses, fended off an amorous merchant in a tent bazaar, fought fires, slept on deck in the Adriatic, and driven Picadilly Circus at rush hour. I've waded in two oceans and four of the seven seas, and I want to visit the Amazon, the Serengeti, and see the volcano in Antarctica.

I see this planet as part of the whole universe: I'm stuck on it a while, and until I get the chance to get off it---I want to do a flyby of Mars and take a look at Nix Olympica and the Vallis Marinaris, personally; and I want to see Titan and Saturn's rings and the Red Spot on Jupiter---but til that day I don't plan to neglect where I am either, and keeping aconstantly updated list of wonders this planet has to see.
C.J. Cherryh

More info: http://www.cherryh.com/


Last Revised: November 2005.