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A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Selina RosenAbout the Author
Selina Rosen lives in rural Arkansas with her partner of 11 years, assorted barnyard animals which she doesnít use for kinky sexual practices despite what you may have heard and an Amazon parrot with a piss-poor attitude.

She and her partner own and operate Yard Dog Press, a micro press that deals with the oddball children of many Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror writers. About running a small press Ms. Rosen remarks, "Hey! Itís cheaper than paying for a full time dominatrix, and it hurts just as much."

Her hobbies include sword fighting, gardening, building things from trash, drinking large amounts of beer, and seeing if she can belch loud enough to call in wild geese.

Her short fiction has appeared in Sword and Sorceress 16, Distant Journeys, three of the MZB Fantasy Mags, Such a Pretty Face, and Personal Demons to name a few. She will have a story entitled "Ritual Evolution" in the upcoming Thieves World anthology, Turning Points. She edited YDPís Stories That Wonít Make Your Parents Hurl, and the shared universe anthology Bubbas of the Apocalypse. A collection of her short fiction, The Bubba Chronicles (YDP), can be had as she can rather cheaply.

Her novels include The Host trilogy (YDP), Fire and Ice (YDP), and Hammer Town (YDP); Queen of Denial (Meisha Merlin Publishing), Chains of Freedom (MMP), Chains of Destruction (MMP), and Recycled, the sequel to Queen of Denial comes out in May of 2003 from MMP.

She is currently working on the third Chains book, Chains of Redemption, which is slated for May of 2004, and murder mystery collaboration with fantasy author Laura J. Underwood, tentatively titled Bad Lands.

Even more about the Author
Selina Rosen lives in rural Arkansas with her partner of ten years, and assorted animal and plant life. Besides writing, she enjoys (heavy) sword fighting, fencing, building things from trash, gardening, and making smug people feel small. She also enjoys drinking and singing really dirty songs.

Selina has been writing almost every day of her life since she was twelve. She has tried to quit on occasion without success, and hopes that some day "they" will come up with a twelve-step program for writers to help them with their addiction.

Her short fiction has appeared in several issues of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, and anthologies such as Such A Pretty Face, Sword and Sorceress 16, and Personal Demons to name a few.

Other Meisha Merlin titles include Queen of Denial, and the first book in this series (oh...you didn't know there was a first book? Now things are starting to make sense!) Chains of Freedom.

She and a few other masochists own and run Yard Dog Press, which would explain why YDP carries so many of her titles, including...The Bubba Chronicles (a collection of her short fiction both horror and sci-fi), The Host Series, Fire and Ice, and a sci-fi/police procedural/horror novella entitled The Boat Man.

She has also edited two anthologies, Stories That Won't Make Your Parents Hurl (children's horror), and Bubbas of the Apocalypse a shared universe anthology of her own creation be afraid be very afraid!

She publishes installments of her science fiction novel-in-progress, Torque City Blues, on a monthly basis at the Yard Dog website. She also posts new "rants" on the website fairly often, because as she says you can't work in this business and not stay pissed off!

More info: http://www.yarddogpress.com/
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Last Revised: November 2005.