A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Characters - A

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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book


Noble Rankan Cousin to Emperor Theron.
Noble Abadas is of medium height, slightly overweight, with receding light brown hair and reddish mustache, big ears, and stubby fingers.
Has a daughter.
Leases a villa from Strick maintained by mainly (unusually) Sanctuarite staff.
Homecoming (m) [Bk10]
The Incompetent Audience [Bk12]


Emperor of Ranke Rankan Half-brother of Kadakithis, it was he who originally sent the prince to Sanctuary to get him out of Ranke.
Fat, short and elderly. Blond-haired.
Abakithis was assassinated and replaced with the ex-general, Theron, in a coup orchestrated by the priest, Brachis, and staged by Askelon, Cime and Roxane, with lots of help from Tempus, the Band and the 3rd. (See Beyond Wizardwall)
Introduction [Bk1]
The Gate of Flying Knives (m) [Bk1]
Shadowspawn (m) [Bk1]
Blood Brothers (m) [Bk1]
Vashanka’s Minion (m) [Bk2]
Looking for Satan [Bk3]
Ishcade (m) [Bk3]
A Gift in Parting (m) [Bk3]
The Vivisectionist (m) [Bk3]
Then Azyuna Danced (m) [Bk3]
A Man and his God (m) [Bk3]
Exercise in Pain (m) [Bk4]
A Fugitive Art (m) [Bk4]
Steel (m) [Bk4]
Daughter of the Sun (m) [Bk6]
Gyskouras (m) [Bk6]
A Fish With Feathers Is Out of His Depth (m) [Bk6]
Introduction (m) [Bk7]
The God-Chosen (m) [Bk7]
When the Spirit Moves You (m) [Bk7]
Dagger in the Mind (m) [Bk7]
Power Play (m) [Bk8]
Introduction (m) [Bk9]
Lady of Fire (m) [Bk9]
Sanctuary is for Lovers (m) [Bk9]
The Tie That Binds (m) [Bk9]
Spellmaster (m) [Bk9]
Homecoming (m) [Bk10]
The Power of Kings (m) [Bk11]
The Promise of Heaven (m) [Bk11]
The Incompetent Audience (m) [Bk12]
Our Vintage Years (m) [Bk12]
Quicksilver Dreams (m) [Bk12]

Slaughter Priest/
Possibly The Shepherd

High Priest of Vashanka in the Upper Land of Ranke

Born in mountains north of Ranke

Founder of the Stepsons; castrated and enslaved by Rankan conquerors, he was rescued by Tempus and formed the Stepsons as a token of personnel, rather than Imperial, loyalty.
He sacrificed his life so that Tempus might have vengeance on Jubal.
Abarsis has been known to come back from the dead, baring warnings.

A Man and his God [Bk3]
Wizard Weather (m) [Bk4]
High Moon (m) [Bk5]
Power Play [Bk8]
Death in the Meadow (m) [Bk8]
The Small Powers that Endure (m) [Bk8]
Pillar of Fire [Bk8]
Sanctuary is for Lovers (m) [Bk9]


Troublemaker Unknown/Joined caravan at Aurvesh With his partner, attacked the caravan guard Fulcris, and was driven off by Strick. Spellmaster [Bk9]


New Old Thumb/

Ex-Maze dweller

One-thumbed proprietor of the Vulgar Unicorn, now owned by Strick.

Shadow’s Pawn [Bk2]
Homecoming [Bk10]
Night Work [Bk12]
Our Vintage Years (m) [Bk12]
To Begin Again [Bk12]


Traveler Winged Folk of the North  Tall, thin, white-skinned, black-haired, winged humanoid.
Mate of the missing Satan, who, she and her 3 companions, located and rescued from a circus in Sanctuary.
Looking for Satan [Bk3]


Garrison Soldier Ilsigi (?) Ex-client who appeared as a ghost/vision/dream to the prostitute, Joia. Quicksilver Dreams (m) [Bk12]


Want-to-be-thief Ilsigi With his partner, Hakky, tried unsuccessfully to roll Hanse who was in disguise as the old man, Skarth.
Little brother of Saz.
Night Work [Bk12]

Ahdiomer Viz/

Proprietor of Sly's Place, a legendary dive within the Maze.


A brilliant, wizard-on-the-
rise, who had to leave Suma after falling in love with Jodeera, the wife of a powerful noble.
Though 'retired' from magic, he still maintains the odd spell, usually to protect friends (and cats).

Rebel’s Aren’t Born in Palaces [Bk6]
The Veiled Lady [Bk7]
Lady of Fire (m) [Bk9]
Spellmaster [Bk9]
Homecoming [Bk10]
A Sticky Business [Bk11]
Night Work [Bk12]

Ahloo shik-Mhanukhee

Merchant Ilsigi (?)

A rich merchant of Sanctuary.
A family man.

Spiders of the Purple Mage (m) [Bk2]


Merchant/Brewer Ilsigi (?) Not too intelligent partner of Goatfoot. The Veiled Lady [Bk7]

Alain Aspect

Archmage Rankan Alchemist extraordinaire, assassin among magicians, dispeller of enchantments.
Pretty, ageless, a blond.
Aspect's presence in Sanctuary was requested by Kadakithis. He was killed trying to 'remove' Vashanka's weaponshop which had appeared in the Maze.
Vashanka’s Minion [Bk2]


Physician Ilsigi Has a prospering establishment located across the street from Sly's Place in the Maze.
Has an enormous, tee-totaling bodyguard. 
Rebel’s Aren’t Born in Palaces (m) [Bk6]
The Veiled Lady (m) [Bk7]

Alar hil Aspar

Mercenary General Cirdonian

Built the temple to Heqt in Sanctuary, on the ruins of Dyareela's.

Goddess (m) [Bk2]

Alciros Foin

Unknown Ilsigi (?) Hired 10 bravos to search the crypts below Sanctuary to find his wife. Only he was ever seen again, alive, with his skin flayed off. Goddess (m) [Bk2]


Acolyte of Vashanka Rankan (?) Beaten to death by Gyskouras. The God-Chosen [Bk7]


Child of Lalo Ilsigi

Lalo's youngest son, now a lively nine-year-old.

Mirror Image [Bk5]
A Breath of Power [Bk6]
The Color of Magic [Bk7]
Lady of Fire (m) [Bk9]
The Vision of Lalo [Bk11]


Owned a storehouse (?) Unknown "Algalin's Storehouse" Witching Hour (m) [Bk6]


Noble Rankan Killed by One-Thumb and fed to the dogs. Krrf user/seller. Blood Brothers[Bk1]


Wife of Renn the Banker Unknown Started the silver-hair fad, thanks to Strick. Spellmaster [Bk9]


Servant/Messenger Unknown

A young girl who carries messages for Myrtis.

Myrtis [Bk1]
The Corners of Memory [Bk5]

Amhan Nas-yeni

Tradesman Ilsigi

A honest, ordinary man, who's son, Beruth, was murdered by Critias and Straton. He tried to kill both in revenge, but fell to Strat's knife.

The Best of Friends [Bk11]
Amoli Madam of the Lily Garden brothel Ilsigi (?)

Mistress of the Golden Lily (Lily Garden), the second most powerful madam on the Street of Red Lanterns and the only contender for Myrtis' leadership. She keeps her girls dependent on her through their addiction to krrf, an expensive drug.

She is also addicted. This often leads her into contact with fairly rough types, since the drug is not easily obtained in any quantity. She is quick to correct anyone confusing her place with the Slippery Lily, a hellhole inside the Maze itself.

Rumour has it that she actually owns both establishments, sending her broken-down girls to the Slippery Lily when they no longer meet the standards of the Lily Garden.

Though in a rough trade and over 40, she has managed to keep much of her hard-edged beauty. Her major weaknesses are her addition and a concern for respect. Threatening either will be met with immediate violence; supporting them will gain her assistance.

Blood Brothers [Bk1]
Myrtis [Bk1]
Vashanka’s Minion (m) [Bk2]
Night Work [Bk12]


Gangleader Ilsigi Tortured Cade's brother Terrel, who then killed him in revenge. Black-haired and bearded. Cade (m) [Bk10]


Fisherman Beysib Taken by Beysib cavalrymen, believed to be Porta cultists. Votary (m) [Bk5]


Fisherman Beysib Taken by Beysib cavalrymen, believed to be Porta cultists. Votary [Bk5]


Young son of the S'danzo seer, Moonflower. S'danzo

One of many children, the brother of Mignureal.

Shadow’s Pawn [Bk2]

Aral Shafralian
(See Shafralian)

Noble Unknown Husband of Expimilia Spellmaster (m) [Bk9]


Apprentice Ilsigi Apprentice to Cholly the Gluemaker. A Sticky Business [Bk11]


Archpriest of Savankala Rankan Commissioner of Lalo's work and second sitter to have his portrait done - he appears like a weasel, with covert cunning in his gaze. A Fugitive Art [Bk4]


Gangmember Ilsigi A member of Zip's gang, Arbold fathered the baby girl, who's mother died in childbirth, and was given to Illyra after he abandoned her. Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]


Head Mage Firaqan Gave a magical knife to Hanse as a gift. Probably Mignureal's husband, after the thief left her with him in Firaqi. (See The Shadow of Sorcery) Homecoming (m) [Bk10]


Slave / circus display Troll

Rescued by Wess and her friends from the North from the circus. Trolls fight in the Northern Wars alongside humans. They are quite intelligent and speak the language of the North fluently and are usually the most cultured of forest people.

Aristarchus has golden grey-flecked hair and large green eyes. He is an old troll but can still ride a horse.

Looking for Satan [Bk3]


Hell Hound Rankan

Arman is an arrogant younger son of a poor noble who did not have the temperament to become an officer. As a Hell Hound, he is the sort of policeman whose prisoners often die 'trying to escape' or are injured 'resisting arrest'.

He follows Zalbar's orders with a calculated insolence just short of insubordination. Paradoxically, he is incredibly impressed with Prince Kadakithis and is willing to die for him. Arman is slim and wiry with the distinctive Rankan nose he likes to look down.

Introduction (m) [Bk1]


Godchild/playmate of Gyskouras S'danzo

Son (twin) of Illyra and Dubro. Marked by the gods and magic as part of an emerging divinity known as the Stormchildren. Sent to the Bandararan Isles for his safety and education - and to remove him from Sanctuary.

Said to have the Divining powers of his mother, and seems much older than his few years.

Steel (m) [Bk4]
Gyskouras [Bk6]
Hell to Pay [Bk7]
The God-Chosen [Bk7]
Armies of the Night [Bk7]
The Color of Magic [Bk7]
Power Play [Bk8]
Dagger in the Mind (m) [Bk8]
Children of All Ages [Bk8]
The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]
Pillar of Fire [Bk8]
Sanctuary is for Lovers (m) [Bk9]
Sanctuary Nocturne (m) [Bk9]
Seeing is Believing (m) [Bk10]


The Entelechy of Dreams Unknown

A magician so powerful that the gods set him apart from men to rule in Meridian, the source of dreams. Once betrothed to Jihan; now married to Tempus' sister, Cime.

Wizard Weather [Bk4]
High Moon (m) [Bk5]
Hell to Pay (m) [Bk7]
Children of All Ages (m) [Bk8]
Death in the Meadow (m) [Bk8]
The Small Powers that Endure (m) [Bk8]


Streetwalker Ilsigi (?) Works the Promise of Heaven.
Friend of Dayrne.
The Promise of Heaven [Bk11]
Ataraxis the Great Ancient King Ilsigi Last king of Ilsig


Thief Ilsigi

A young thief who always dresses in black. He is cocky and about as subtle as hives.
A Hanse-imitator.

Shadow’s Pawn [Bk2]
Rebel’s Aren’t Born in Palaces [Bk6]

Atlen Stulwig/
Stulwig Northborn


Ilsigi (Northborn?)

Has a shop in Westside. He is not exactly an alchemist, for his knowledge is of plants, not of magical potions. He can be relied on for medical advice and most forms and drugs and poisons.

He doesn't mention his poison trade and will often attempt to have pretty matrons of the city pay him for his work with their favors rather than their money. Alten is about 35, of average looks.

He is distinguishable on the street by his healer's tunic and the staff he bears, now charred about the tip.

The Dream of the Sorceress [Bk2]
The Vivisectionist (m) [Bk3]
Exercise in Pain [Bk4]
Mirror Image [Bk5]
Gyskouras (m) [Bk6]


Chariot driver Unknown Races a chariot team of dappled-greys at Lowan Vigeles' estate. A Sticky Business [Bk11]



Ilsigi (?)

Once a preteen prealcoholic barfly at Sly's Place, now Strick's very young and increasingly obese receptionist with a sweet tooth.

Homecoming [Bk10]
Spellmaster [Bk9]
Night Work [Bk12]


Ex-captain of the Governor's Guard Ilsigi

Captain of the palace guard before the arrival of Prince Kadakithis. Now he is one of the three men charged with keeping the peace in Sanctuary.

Aye-Gophlan is a local boy who made good by becoming an officer in the Rankan military guarding Sanctuary. As such, he is well below the Hell Hounds in rank and still retains most of the thief skills which brought him his commission.

His post is the guard post at the corner of Professional Way. He is a seasoned veteran and quite loyal to the prince because of his loyalty to the Empire. Aye-Gophlan is tall and burly, but running to seed.

Sentences of Death [Bk1]
Seeing is Believing (m) [Bk10]

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