A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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STORY(m)=mentioned only,
Bk=TW Book


Hireling Thug Ilsigi Hired by the mage Marype to 'retrieve' an amulet from Cholly the Gluemaker A Sticky Business [Bk11]


Escaped prisoner Unknown Because garrison soldiers were searching for this man, Masha was able to escape the Raggah who were hunting Benna. Spiders of the Purple Mage (m) [Bk2]

The Toad

Supposedly the most successful merchant in Sanctuary Ilsigi Second only to Jubal, runs one of Sanctuary's most sophisticated information and crime networks. This revolting person looks like a toad made human, though few can afford to offend this wealthy merchant. Our Vintage Years [Bk12]

Grey Wolf

Metal-Master and alchemist Rankan (?)

Said to have been mad when he arrived in Sanctuary and the city never improved anyone.
When still in the capital, and using a different name (and the warname Greywolf), Balustru was healed by The Lizerene (the priest used the same method the priest to later heal Jubal).

Said to be familiar with the sorcerous element in town.
Cast the new bell for Molin Torchholder.
Balustrus worked with Walegrin to produce Enlibar steel.
Friend of Jubal.

Positively demonic - his skin is the colour of mottled bronze-not brown, nor gold nor green-not human at all, Wrinkled like dried fruit, but shines like metal itself. He is hairless with dark eyes and a cripple.

Exercise in Pain (m) [Bk4]
Steel [Bk4]
The God-Chosen (m) [Bk7]


Shopkeeper Ilsigi (?) Hassled by youths about having Jubal's sign scratched on a post outside his shop in the Maze. The Art of Alliance [Bk5]


Watchman Ilsigi (?) Stationed at the West Gate.
Had a cousin killed in the PFLS ambush.
Was present when Chenaya returned to Sanctuary with the Eye of Savankala.
The Fire in a Godís Eye [Bk12]


Scribe Unknown In the employ of Bakarat the Toad.
Thin, weedy, long-nosed scriber with a whiny voice.
Our Vintage Years [Bk12]


Leader of guerrilla fighters at Wizardwall in the north. Nisi

A free Nisi fighter and ally of the Stepsons during their sojourn at Wizardwall.
Friend of Tempus.
(See the Beyond series for more.)

Hell to Pay (m) [Bk7]
Sanctuary is for Lovers (m) [Bk9]

Bauchle Meyne

Circus Owner Rankan (?)

Bought a circus/freakshow to Sanctuary for the Prince-Governor's entertainment.
Held the winged Satan prisoner and displayed his as his 'Secret Attraction'.
Killed by Wes in the fight for Satan's freedom.

A large, heavy set young man. Loud and a braggart.

Looking for Satan [Bk3]


Wench Non-Sanctuarite Raped elder sister of Cythen. She watched her betrothed's bloody death then was made a victim of the bandits' lust.
Under Cythen's care, her wounds healed but her mind didn't.
Gave birth to a dead baby by one of her rapists. Became Jubal's bed partner then taken to the Aphrodisia House after the estate was raided, then killed by Beysib's snake poison.
The Corners of Memory (m) [Bk5]

Benna nus-Katarz

Thief Ilsig emigre

Ilsig emigre who sneaked into the lair of the Purple Mage and who died as a result. Rumor of the jewel he stole set off the week of the Rat Hunt and the following weeks of the Cat Hunt and Dog Hunt.
Came from Ilsig 2 years previous.

Spiders of the Purple Mage [Bk2]


Streetwalker Ilsigi

A young girl bespelled by Rabben Half-hand to find out Lythande's secret of power.

The Secret of the Blue Star [Bk1]


Tradesman Ilsigi Son of Amhan Nas-yeni.
Murdered by Critias and Straton. His father attempted to revenge his death but failed.
The Best of Friends (m) [Bk11]


Chariot driver Unknown Races a chariot team of 3 chestnut geldings at Lowan Vigeles' estate.
Favorite driver of Cholly.
A Sticky Business [Bk11]


Hell Hound Rankan

A large brown-haired man with a bushy beard and mustache; he is one of the Hell Hounds who stayed in sanctuary with the others, but more ambitious to raise his social position. This led him into political intrigue against the prince.
His role in the intrigue was discovered with the help of Hanse (Shadowspawn), and Bourne was 'removed' as a Hell Hound permanently by the prince.
Lover of Lirain.

Introduction (m) [Bk1]
Shadowspawn [Bk1]
The Vivisectionist (m) [Bk3]
Godson (m) [Bk4]


High priest of variously named wargods of Ranke Rankan

Supreme Archpriest of Vashanka, companion of Emperor Theron.
Arranged the assassination of Abakithis.

The God-Chosen (m) [Bk7]
Power Play [Bk8]
Children of All Ages (m) [Bk8]
The Small Powers that Endure (m) [Bk8]
Pillar of Fire [Bk8]


Hawkmask Unknown Killed by the beggars and nailed to a pole as an example to others. Downwind (m) [Bk4]




A bartender who replaced One-Thumb in the Vulgar Unicorn when he disappeared.
A louse-ridden, bearded hulk with grimy fingernails and mean disposition.

The Fruit of Enlibar [Bk2]


Wench Unknown A wealthy woman picked up by Hanse with a wish, then told to forget the encounter and have a 'nice happy life'.
Bought him a dark scarlet cloak.
Rebelís Arenít Born in Palaces (m) [Bk6]


Wench Northern (?)

A housemate of Jamie the Red. Companion of Light-of-Pearl.

The Gate of Flying Knives (m) [Bk1]

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