A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Characters - C

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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book


Assassin Ilsigi

Sort revenge for his murdered brother, Terrel.
Cade is tall, with broad shoulders and his face is scarred about two black eyes. His skin is tanned, weathered, hard like his armour and body.
Wears his long black hair tied back in an old-style Ilsigi warbraid.

Cade [Bk10]

Cappen Varra

Minstrel Caronne

Often (jokingly) called the "only honest man is Sanctuary", Cappen isn't actually a permanent resident, and often comes and goes, visiting either his home city of Caronne, or chasing adventure (or women) where ever his fancy takes him. Sanctuary has a strange attraction for Cappen, and he will often leave, only to return several months later.

Cappen has a BIG weakness for beautiful women as they do for him. He is a good minstrel, but would rather flirt than work. He is slim and wiry, with long black hair and blue eyes, a romantic lad attempting to find his fortune without spending too much effort to maintain it. His poetry and music are his greatest skills but his rapier is not to be sneered at.

Aways seen wearing bright clothing (even if a little worn) and a silver snake-shaped amulet, said to protect the bard from magical attack if he speaks 3 truths about his attacker.

A young man of medium height, slender but tough and agile. (That was due to the life he had had to lead; by nature he was indolent, except in bed.) His features were thin and regular on a long skull, cleanshaven, eyes bright blue, black hair banged and falling to the shoulders. His voice gave the language a melodious accent, as if to bespeak white cities, green fields and woods, quicksilver lakes, blue sea, of the homeland he left in search of his fortune.

The Face of Chaos [Bk1]
The Gate of Flying Knives [Bk1]
The Dream of the Sorceress (m) [Bk2]
Ischade [Bk3]
The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn [Bk3]
Votary [Bk5]
A Breath of Power [Bk6]
Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]

Cat (warname)

First Hazard Rankan Handsome head of the Sanctuary Mageguild, he appears to be the same age as Randal.
Was obviously harried after loosing the ability to cast even simple spells when the Nisibisi power globe's were destroyed.
Sanctuary is for Lovers [Bk9]




A daughter of Shupansea born before she was driven in exile.
Her blood is poisonous, even as a toddler.

Seeing is Believing (But Love is Blind) [Bk10]


Traveller Of the southern mountain folk - the mountains, though never named, seem to have been over 2 months travel north. Possibly from Kaimas Chandler, with his 3 companions, located and rescued the missing Satan from a circus in Sanctuary.
Fair-haired and handsome.
Looking for Satan [Bk3]

Daughter of the Sun

Gladiator Rankan

Daughter of Lowan Vigeles, a beautiful and powerful young woman who is fated never to lose a fight. She is the Prince's cousin and is working to raise an army of gladiators which will place him on the imperial throne, including the 12 gladiators accompanied her father Lowan Vigeles to Sanctuary from Ranke.

In her arrogance and innocence she made more enemies in Sanctuary than even fate could handle and has left town until her reputation repairs itself.

She seems to have taken it on herself to bed every male in Sanctuary and when asked about her, Hanse commented he 'preferred women'.

Daughter of the Sun [Bk6]
Keeping promises [Bk7]
Sanctuary is for Lovers [Bk9]
Lovers Who Slay Together [Bk9]
In the Still of the Night [Bk9]
No Glad in Gladiator [Bk9]
Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]
Spellmaster [Bk9]
Cade [Bk10]
Homecoming [Bk10]
The Power of Kings (m) [Bk11]
The Promise of Heaven [Bk11]
The Fire in a God’s Eye [Bk12]
Web Weavers [Bk12]




A master of glues and rendering, his establishment to 3 blocks from Sly's Place and next door to Zandulas' Tannery on the Street of Tanners.

Cholly performs a number of important services in sanctuary, including the making of glue, removal of bodies from its streets each morning (unless diseased - they're left for the Charnel House wagon) and free corpse disposal.

Cholly is happily married, has numerous cats at home, and two apprentices who sleep at the back of the glue shop.

Homecoming [Bk10]
A Sticky Business [Bk11]
Night Work [Bk12]
The Incompetent Audience [Bk12]
Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]


Urchin Ilsigi Agent of Jubal's protection racket. The Art of Alliance [Bk5]


Assassin Unknown

Assassin, particularly of magicians. Her involvement with Tempus is both ancient and mysterious.

Sometime in the distant past (over 300 years ago), Cime gained some magical knowledge and an incredible longevity through her association with a circle of magicians.

She also learned to hate all magic-users, and has dedicated her life to destroying them all, one by one. In this she is aided by two things; her hard-won skills at assassination, and her headdress of diamond rods.

Cime is supposedly Tempus' sister, and their falling in love caused a wizard to curse them both. She is cursed never to be able to except any form of payment or favor without performing some 'service' for it first.


Vashanka’s Minion [Bk2]
Then Azyuna Danced [Bk3]
A Man and his God (m) [Bk3]
Wizard Weather [Bk4]
High Moon [Bk5]


Vizier Rankan

The prince's aged, pallid-skinned Vizier, who carries the jade copy of the seal of the governor. He is the overseer of the town's trade,and is assiduous in combing the town for violators of the tariff laws.

He hates his end-of-the-road position and takes it out on the town. He can be distinguished by the perpetual sneer on his lips.

A Fugitive Art [Bk4]


Camel-dealer Unknown

The camel dealer maintains an office in his home, set against the wall of the Bazaar that borders the Governor's Palace. His tendency to keep ailing or very young camels in his back rooms is not particularly appreciated by his neighbours.

Happily for him, Corlas lacks a sense of smell, which may account in part for his true love of his camels. He keeps most of the stock in the animal pens along the White Foal River; his camels are quality stock and command a good price.

One of his major customers is caravan master Samlor hil Samt.

Shadowspawn (m) [Bk1]
Keeping promises [Bk7]


Teenaged boy S'danzo One of the many children of the seer, Moonflower and Teretaff. Homecoming [Bk10]


Mage Firaqan An evil mage Hanse 'dealt' with in Firaqa. (See The Shadow of Sorcery) Homecoming [Bk10]


Chariot driver Unknown Driver of a chariot team of whites at Lowan Vigeles' estate. A Sticky Business [Bk11]

Crit/ Fox (warname)



Stepson. Veteran fighter and leftside leader paired with Straton. Estrangled from Straton because of his partner's love-alliance with Ischade.

Second in command after Tempus and his intelligence gatherer, assistant and interrogator.

A pleasant-looking(?) man with a patrician nose and short, feathery hair.

High Moon [Bk5]
Necromant [Bk5]
What Women Do Best [Bk6]
Witching Hour [Bk6]
Armies of the Night [Bk7]
Power Play [Bk8]
Dagger in the Mind [Bk8]
Children of All Ages [Bk8]
Death in the Meadow [Bk8]
The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]
Pillar of Fire [Bk8]
In the Still of the Night [Bk9]
Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]
Wake of the Riddler [Bk10]
The Best of Friends [Bk11]
The Promise of Heaven [Bk11]
Winds of Fortune [Bk12]
The Fire in a God’s Eye [Bk12]
Web Weavers [Bk12]


Ex-guard/Seasoned fighter Unknown

Before coming to sanctuary, lived a time in Valtostin, fighting the Tostin tribes. Said to have killed twenty men in one day and had scars to provide it. Left Valtostin because of a woman.

An ex-hawkmask, joined up with Walegrin's troop, and was killed by Stepsons.

Steel [Bk4]

Cudget Swearoath

Master thief Ilsigi

Much respected senior thief, hanged by order of the prince when caught in the act of burglary.
Said to have been the finest thief in Thieves' World, Cudget was Hanse's teacher and surrogate father.

Shadowspawn (m) [Bk1]
The Price of Doing Business (m) [Bk1]
Vashanka’s Minion (m) [Bk2]
Shadow’s Pawn (m) [Bk2]
The Vivisectionist (m) [Bk3]
Godson (m) [Bk4]
Necromant [Bk5]
Spellmaster (m) [Bk9]


Customs Inspector and Investigator Ilsigi(?)

The customs inspector and friend of Shive the Changer and in the pay of the League of Changers (fences). He is a good source of information about the goings-on in the lower-class areas of the city.
Shafralain's cousin.

Shadowspawn [Bk1]
Rebel’s Aren’t Born in Palaces [Bk6]
Spellmaster [Bk9]
Homecoming [Bk10]


Prostitute Ilsigi(?)

A prostitute at the Aphrodesia House, and one of Myrtis' most trusted girls.

Myrtis (m) [Bk1]


Garrison Member Non-Sanctuarite

A former Hawkmask now allied with Walegrin. The only woman living in the garrison barracks. Dark-haired, small-built, all teeth and eyes and utterly devoid of the traditional virtues almost every soldier brought into battle. Similar appear to the seer, Illyra, but has a slash across her face.
Tried to avenge her raped sister, Bekin.

Steel [Bk4]
The Corners of Memory [Bk5]
Gyskouras [Bk6]
The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]
Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]

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