A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Characters - E

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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book


Sponging husband Ilsigi

Alcoholic husband of Masha. Fat, double-chinned, hugh-paunched with rings of sagging fat around his waist, red-eyed, and clothed in ripped, dirty and stained clothing. A lazy, stupid man. Masha was married off to him when her uncles went bankrupt.

Spiders of the Purple Mage [Bk2]


Ex-hawkmask Ilsigi(?)

Ex-hawkmask who tried to hold Jubal's fighters together after the attack by Tempus on the black slaver's estate. Mor-am and Moria were in his low-paid service a short time. He introduced Mradhon Vis to them.

Towering, huge chested, dark haired man. Uncommunicative.

Downwind [Bk4]

Master Eliab

Caravan Master Unknown A tall man his a grey-shot beard and a fair and courageous nature. Oversees a caravan between the cities of Suma and Sanctuary. The Veiled Lady [Bk7]

Mad Elid

Prostitute Ilsigi Cheap whore/part-time pick pocket who hunts Mama Becho's in Downwind. Very persistence but smells. Downwind [Bk4]


House-owner Unknown Had one of a dozen Nisi bodies dumped on his doorstep. Witching Hour (m) [Bk6]

Enas Yorl

Post-hazard class mage Unknown

In all the land there were but three Great Wizards, powerful enough not to care that their true names were noised abroad: one was at Ranke and served the needs of the court; one was at Ilsig and accounted the most skilful; the third, by reason of some scandal, made do with the slim pickings at Sanctuary, and that was Enas Yorl.

Quasi-immortal mage cursed, because of his lust for women, with eternal life and constantly changing physical form by a rival mage. (He often asks females seeking his help to sleep with him.)

He can only be identified by his red, glowing eyes, since he is under a curse which causes him to change shape at unknown but frequent intervals. He is seen only in voluminous robes and is a good source of information regarding anything in Sanctuary he's interested in. He has been alive for centuries and is not a fighter but is very quick with his spells.

Yorl lives in a palatial residence below Pyrtanis Street in the Jeweler's Quarter. It is reported to be guarded by basilisks. He has a blind servant called Darous. There is a tunnel connecting his underground lair with a tower overlooking the bay.

Because of his ever-changing form, the only person alive who has seen his true face is Lalo the Limner. He understands why the wizard doesn't want his portrait painted.

Sentences of Death [Bk1]
The Face of Chaos [Bk1]
The Gate of Flying Knives [Bk1]
The Fruit of Enlibar (m) [Bk2]
The Dream of the Sorceress [Bk2]
Shadowís Pawn (m) [Bk2]
Ischade [Bk3]
The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn [Bk3]
A Fugitive Art (m) [Bk4]
Epilog [Bk4]
The Corners of Memory [Bk5]
Mirror Image [Bk5]
What Women Do Best (m) [Bk6]
A Breath of Power [Bk6]
Witching Hour (m) [Bk6]
Keeping Promises [Bk7]
The Color of Magic (m) [Bk7]
Lovers Who Slay Together (m) [Bk9]
Spellmaster (m) [Bk9]
Cade (m) [Bk10]
A Mercy Worse than None [Bk10]
The Power of Kings [Bk11]
A Sticky Business (m) [Bk11]
The Vision of Lalo (m) [Bk11]
The Incompetent Audience (m) [Bk12]
Quicksilver Dreams (m) [Bk12]


Houseguard Unknown

Once servant-master for Lastel, he then became houseguard to Masha zil-Ineel. A fat man, according to Walegrin.

Blood Brothers [Bk1]
Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]


Stepson Rankan(?)  Shot twice in the leg by snipers in an ambush by the Piffles (The Front).  Death in the Meadow [Bk8]


Would-be Stepson Ilsigi(?) A watcher. Has an unnamed partner who was bespelled by Ischade to 'ignore' Mor-am's visit to her house. Necromant [Bk5]
Ero Bodyguard Ilsigi Bodyguard to Mor-am and a thief of higher class than his employer. Witching Hour (m) [Bk6]


Noble Beysib  Stabbed Teretaff, then was killed (by being dashed into a wall) by his huge wife, the S'danzo seeress Moonflower, after Esanssu went beserke after an 'unsatisfying' reading of the future. Rebelís Arenít Born in Palaces [Bk6]


Lady Rankan(?)

Shafralain's eldest nubile daughter. A lean, but extremely beautiful young blonde girl. She was lusted after by many, including Shadowspawn.

Godson [Bk4]
Rebelís Arenít Born in Palaces (m) [Bk6]
Spellmaster [Bk9]
Homecoming [Bk10]


Actress Unknown  Working for Feltheryn's troop, she comes from a piteous life and works hard at her job. She is dark haired and has warm brown eyes. Her acting parts are usually minor, such a chambermaid. And she can cook!  The Incompetent Audience [Bk12]


Lady  Rankan(?)

Shafralain's wife.

Spellmaster [Bk9]

The Eye/
The Wandering Eye/

Ex-mage Unknown A larger than fist-sized disembodied floating eyeball who can speak (somehow).
Featured mainly in Shadowspawn's adventure in Firaqa in a maze under the mage Corstic's manse. Corstic had bespelled/cursed him into his strange form. He was once named Garislas. (See The Shadow of Sorcery)
Night Work (m) [Bk12]


Noble Sumarian Deceased husband of Jodeera. A well-off and powerful noble in Suma.  The Veiled Lady (m) [Bk7]

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