A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Characters - G

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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book


Bodyguard Unknown

Tongueless bodyguard belonging to Amoli. She had a vassal spell laid on him when she bought him. He can neither speak or write. Has bad teeth.

Blood Brothers [Bk1]


Apprentice jeweler Ilsigi

Lalo's middle son, slain during the False Plague riots which signaled the end of severe civil unrest in Sanctuary. He was once apprenticed to Herewick the Jeweler.

Mirror Image [Bk5]

The Color of Magic (m) [Bk7]

Lady of Fire (m) [Bk9]

A Sticky Business (m) [Bk11]

Quicksilver Dreams (m) [Bk12]


Thief Ilsigi Killed by poison after trying to steal a god-weapon in the form of a serpent bracelet from a woman. His bones were 'ossified' by the bite. Shadow’s Pawn (m) [Bk2]


Mercenary of the 3rd Commando Rankan(?)

A foul-mouthed, violent mercenary and member of the 3rd Commando. Hard to rein in by his commanders. He was once a stepson.

What Women Do Best [Bk6]

Wake of the Riddler [Bk10]

Winds of Fortune (m) [Bk12]


House Madam Ilsigi(?)

The madam of the popular House of Mermaids, a prosperous and exotic house on the Street of Red Lanterns. She is a supporter of Myrtis, the leader of the madams on the street, and is always on the lookout for new and unusual talents.

A large woman with doughty, ring-covered hands and an unrivaled bosom. A source of many rumours.

Shadowspawn [Bk1]

Myrtis [Bk1]


Gladiator Rankan

Friend and fellow gladiator of Chenaya's. Ex-thief and partner of Dismas. Resembles his lover with the same sandy hair, close-cropped beards and exaggerated musculature.

Keeping Promises [Bk7]

The Promise of Heaven [Bk11]

The Fire in a God’s Eye [Bk12]


House wife Ilsigi

Lalo's indomitable wife. A very large, middle-aged woman with grey eyes and greying blonde hair.

Gilla married Lalo when both were young and enthusiastic about his artistic talents. Since then, Gilla's motherly skills have proven more important to the family than Lalo's under-used artistic gifts.

She is a no-nonsense woman with an often 'flaky' husband and many children to look after. She is the typical 'goddess mother' figure and her husband used her image to portray the goddess Sabellia.

The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn [Bk3]

A Fugitive Art [Bk4]

Mirror Image [Bk5]

A Breath of Power [Bk6]

The Color of Magic [Bk7]

Lady of Fire [Bk9]

Seeing is Believing (But Love is Blind) (m) [Bk10]

Homecoming (m) [Bk10]

The Power of Kings [Bk11]

The Vision of Lalo [Bk11]

Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]

Web Weavers [Bk12]


Unknown Ilsigi(?) Patron at Sly's Place The Veiled Lady [Bk7]


Actress Rankan(?)

Feltheryn's wife and partner in all things. She is still beautiful, for being over fifty summers old. A mad knitter.

The Power of Kings [Bk11]

The Vision of Lalo [Bk11]

The Incompetent Audience [Bk12]

Quicksilver Dreams (m) [Bk12]


Brewer Ilsigi(?) Known to sell bad beer. Not held in high opinion by Ahdio of Sly's Place. The Veiled Lady [Bk7]


Goldsmith Rankan(?) An honest goldsmith - no shavings, scrapings or drippings he takes from others. Moves among the 'better' end of town, attending parties held by the Prince-Governor. Was once cured of his 'hiccoughing' problem by Strick.

Keeping Promises [Bk7]

Spellmaster [Bk9]


Archpriest Ilsigi

Archpriest of Ils in Sanctuary. This worthy patriarch is old and almost senile. He is rarely seen on the streets, working entirely through his High-Flamen, Hazroah.  

A crotchety old man who spends his time in senile contemplations of his religion's fall.

The Gate of Flying Knives (m) [Bk1]
Mirror Image (m) [Bk5]

Old Gorthis

Fence Ilsigi(?) An honest fence - at least he gives the fairest prices in Sanctuary. Recommended by Moria. The Best of Friends [Bk11]


Thief Ilsigi Got his collarbone broken mugging the wrong man. Night Work (m) [Bk12]


Corpse-cutter and part-time gravedigger Ilsigi(?) Friend of Harran. Works in the Charnel House. Knows where to find fresh corpses. Supplies corpses to Siveni's priests for anatomy instruction.

The Hand That Feeds You [Bk6]

The Tie That Binds [Bk9]


Storm Child Half Rankan/Godling

One of the Storm Children, conceived during an ill-fated Ritual of the Ten-Slaying, a commemoration of Vashanka's vengeance on his brothers. His mother was a Northern slavegirl named Seylalha, who performed the dance of the goddess Azyuna for Tempus, in the role of the god Vashanka.

A bad-tempered brat with the power to create storms, or kill, or more. Was only calmed when joined by his foster-brother, Arton (son of Illyra). Currently both are in the Bandaran Isles for education.

Gyskouras [Bk6]

Hell to Pay [Bk7]

The God-Chosen [Bk7]

Armies of the Night [Bk7]
The Color of Magic [Bk7]

Power Play [Bk8]

Pillar of Fire [Bk8]

Sanctuary is for Lovers (m) [Bk9]
Seeing is Believing (But Love is Blind) (m) [Bk10]

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