A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Characters - J

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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book

Blind Jacob

Fruit Seller


A fruit seller in the bazaar. Although he is evidentially completely blind, his fruits are of the best, even occasionally including the famous Enlibar oranges. This is due to his multitude of contacts with the merchants in Sanctuary.

Jacob's very successful sideline is blackmail, for which he maintains a virtual army of urchins who spy for him.

The Face of Chaos (m) [Bk1]

The Fruit of Enlibar (m) [Bk2]

Keeping Promises (m) [Bk7]

Gyskouras (m) [Bk6]

Spellmaster [Bk9]


Soldier Nisibisi Roxane's first lieutenant in espionage. High Moon (m) [Bk5]


Street urchin Ilsigi(?) Helped Sinn after the minstrel had become lost in the Maze. Sinn had previously caught Jakar trying to pick-pocket him, and gave the boy a silver piece. Jakar repaid the kindness. Our Vintage Years [Bk12]

Jamie the Red

Barbarian Prince Northerner

A tall, square shouldered, nordic barbarian from the Northern Mountains, whose hair gave rise to his nickname. He maintained an apartment in the Jeweler's Quarter where his two women live (of whom he is quite jealous).

He is usually ready for a brawl or a drink, depending on his mood. Although appearing initially dumb, he has some education from the court of the mountain king, his father. He is a drinking buddy of Cappen Varra.

The Gate of Flying Knives [Bk1]


Stepson/Mercenary Machadian

From Machad, he had no love for the Rankans but still followed Abarsis to Sanctuary.

A Stepson tortured and killed by Roxane. Nikodemo's short time rightside partner while he lived. Raised to heaven by Abarsis and now restored to a semblance of life by Ischade. (Basically a ghost.)


Wizard Weather [Bk4]

High Moon [Bk5]

Witching Hour [Bk6]

Hell to Pay [Bk7]

Armies of the Night [Bk7]

Power Play (m) [Bk8]

Dagger in the Mind (m) [Bk8]

Death in the Meadow [Bk8]

The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]

Pillar of Fire (m) [Bk8]

Wake of the Riddler (m) [Bk10]


Scribe/Roving representative of Master Melilot Village of Hort (now destroyed)

A woman - of Forgotten Holt - once Melilot the Scribe's apprentice, who, with Enas Yorl's help, unveiled a plot to assassinate Prince Kadakithis shortly after his arrival in Sanctuary.

In the intervening years she had been employed as Melilot's trading agent, and her many hideous scars have been slowly fading.

A thin, dark-haired girl with many visible and some invisible scars. Her younger years were spent seeking revenge on those who sacked and burned her home in the village of Hort. This she found with the help of Enas Yorl. She now works as a roving representative of Master Melilot and other Sanctuarian merchants.

Sentences of Death [Bk1]

The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn [Bk3]

A Mercy worse than none [Bk10]


Soldier Beysib One of six men from Clan Burek (selected for his taste for adventure rather than sense) who accompanied Molin Torchholder to fetch Niko from an inn. The God-Chosen [Bk7]


Blossoming Seeress S'danzo Second eldest daughter of Moonflower. Looks a lot like her elder sister, Mignureal. Like her deceded mother and departed sister, she also has 'true sight'.

Homecoming [Bk10]

Night Work [Bk12]


Young Boy / Now a slave Ilsigi A missing, scrawny, boy taken as a slave and sort by his mother. Though Illyra 'saw' what had happened to him, nothing could be done to help him.

Seeing is Believing (But Love is Blind) (m) [Bk10]


Street kid/Piffle (PFLS) Ilsigi One of Zip's young recruits. Companion of Speaklittle. Guarded the border of Zip's territory at the edge of Downwind. Rebel’s Aren’t Born in Palaces [Bk6]


Eunuch Unknown

He business is to conduct the favoured customers to the chambers of their chosen women, throw out the drunk and abusive customers from the Aphrodisia House.

Huge-bellied, naked except for a skimpy loincloth and a dozen rings in each ear.

The Secret of the Blue Star [Bk1]

Lady Saphtherabah/

Ex-Lady of Leisure/ Barkeeper


The woman Ahdio loves, and who works for him at Sly's Place. Since she is far too beautiful to travel safely through the maze, Ahdio protects her with a disguise of ugliness.

Was married to a wealthy and powerful wizard called Ezucar, now dead.

The Veiled Lady, or A Look at the Normal Folk [Bk7]

A Sticky Business [Bk11]

Night Work [Bk12]


Prostitute Ilsigi

Young working girl at the Aphrodisia House. Has auburn (hennaed) curls.

She was given a small silver ball by her lover, Aglon, which turned out to be a lost magical item that emphasizes dreams. She gave the ball to a guardsmen called Rocio.

Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]

Joiner & his Wife

Carpenter Ilsigi(?) His name was forgotten by Harran. Came to the physician to have a deep wound tended to. He had driven a nail through his hand which had festered and needed to be drained. Not a rich couple. The Tie That Binds [Bk9]


Stonemason Unknown Worked on the new temple of Savankala. Complimented Lalo on his artwork at Molin Torchholder's Hall party. The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn [Bk3]


Mercenary Unknown One of Walegrin's men. The Corners of Memory [Bk5]


Crime-lord Unknown

Black crime-lord, once a gladiator, now considered semi-respectable because of his immense power; deals in slaves, drugs, and smuggled goods.

Jubal rose from being a common thief to master of nearly all the illegal and a few legal activities in Sanctuary. He maintained a force of cutthroats hidden in blue hawk masks to do his dirty-work. They were referred to as blue Hawks or Hawkmasks.

After nearly being killed by Tempus and the Stepsons, a magical healing by The Lizerene has cost him decades of life. Many believe he is dead. Working behind the scenes to destabilize the Beysib occupation of Sanctuary. His only friend and lieutenant is Saliman.


The Face of Chaos (m) [Bk1]

The Price of Doing Business [Bk1]

Myrtis [Bk1]

The Dream of the Sorceress [Bk2]

Vashanka’s Minion (m) [Bk2]

Shadow’s Pawn (m) [Bk2]

To Guard the Guardians [Bk2]

Looking for Satan (m) [Bk3]

A Gift in Parting [Bk3]

The Vivisectionist (m) [Bk3]

A Man and his God [Bk3]

Introduction (m) [Bk4]

Exercise in Pain [Bk4]

Downwind (m) [Bk4]

Steel (m) [Bk4]

Epilog [Bk4]

High Moon (m) [Bk5]

Necromant [Bk5]

The Art of Alliance [Bk5]

The Corners of Memory (m) [Bk5]

Votary [Bk5]

What Women Do Best [Bk6]

Witching Hour (m) [Bk6]

A Fish With Feathers Is Out of His Depth (m) [Bk6]

Introduction [Bk7]

Hell to Pay (m) [Bk7]

The God-Chosen (m) [Bk7]

Armies of the Night (m) [Bk7]

Down by the Riverside (m) [Bk7]

When the Spirit Moves You (m) [Bk7]

The Color of Magic (m) [Bk7]

Dagger in the Mind [Bk8]

Children of All Ages (m) [Bk8]

Sanctuary is for Lovers [Bk9]

No Glad in Gladiator [Bk9]

Sanctuary Nocturne (m) [Bk9]

Cade (m) [Bk10]

Wake of the Riddler (m) [Bk10]

Slave Trade [Bk11]

The Best of Friends (m) [Bk11]

Night Work (m) [Bk12]

Our Vintage Years (m) [Bk12]

Web Weavers (m) [Bk12]

To Begin Again [Bk12]

Jutu Stulwig

Herbalist Ilsigi

A herbal healer murdered mysteriously four years before. Believed to have been killed by Vashanka. Father of Alten Stulwig.

The Dream of the Sorceress (m) [Bk2]

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