A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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The Characters - K

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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book


Prince-Governor Rankan

Charismatic but naïve governor of the town. Exiled to Sanctuary by his half-brother the Rankan Emperor, Abakithis, who was assassinated in the north some years ago.

The Imperial Governor of Sanctuary is slim, with curly blonde hair, in his late teens, idealistic and enthusiastic. He is also intelligent and has excellent awareness of why he is where he is.

He is quite fair, when it is possible. The prince was given the nickname 'Kitty Cat' by those contemptuous of his diplomatic rather than tyrannical ways. His wife has sadistic tendencies, so he maintains several concubines as well.

Introduction [Bk1]

Sentences of Death [Bk1]

The Gate of Flying Knives (m) [Bk1]

Shadowspawn [Bk1]

The Price of Doing Business (m) [Bk1]

Blood Brothers (m) [Bk1]

Myrtis (m) [Bk1]

Introduction [Bk2]

Spiders of the Purple Mage [Bk2]

Goddess (m) [Bk2]

The Dream of the Sorceress [Bk2]

Vashankaís Minion (m) [Bk2]

Shadowís Pawn (m) [Bk2]

To Guard the Guardians [Bk2]

Looking for Satan [Bk3]

Ischade (m) [Bk3]

A Gift in Parting (m) [Bk3]

The Vivisectionist [Bk3]

The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn (m) [Bk3]

Then Azyuna Danced [Bk3]

A Man and his God [Bk3]

Introduction [Bk4]

Exercise in Pain (m) [Bk4]

Downwind (m) [Bk4]

A Fugitive Art [Bk4]

Steel [Bk4]

Wizard Weather [Bk4]

Godson (m) [Bk4]

Epilog [Bk4]

Introduction [Bk5]

High Moon (m) [Bk5]

Necromant [Bk5]

The Corners of Memory (m) [Bk5]

Mirror Image (m) [Bk5]

Introduction [Bk6]

What Women Do Best (m) [Bk6]

Daughter of the Sun [Bk6]

A Breath of Power (m) [Bk6]

Witching Hour (m) [Bk6]

Rebelís Arenít Born in Palaces (m) [Bk6]

Gyskouras [Bk6]

A Fish With Feathers Is Out of His Depth (m) [Bk6]

Introduction (m) [Bk7]

Hell to Pay (m) [Bk7]
The Veiled Lady (m) [Bk7]
The God-Chosen (m) [Bk7]
Keeping Promises [Bk7]
Armies of the Night (m) [Bk7]
When the Spirit Moves You (m) [Bk7]
The Color of Magic (m) [Bk7]
Power Play [Bk8]

Children of All Ages [Bk8]

The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]

Pillar of Fire (m) [Bk8]

Lady of Fire [Bk9]

Sanctuary is for Lovers (m) [Bk9]

Lovers Who Slay Together (m) [Bk9]

No Glad in Gladiator (m) [Bk9]

The Tie That Binds (m) [Bk9]

Sanctuary Nocturne (m) [Bk9]

Spellmaster (m) [Bk9]

Wake of the Riddler (m) [Bk10]

A Mercy worse than none (m) [Bk10]

Seeing is Believing (But Love is Blind) [Bk10]

Homecoming [Bk10]

Introduction (m) [Bk11]

Slave Trade (m) [Bk11]

The Best of Friends (m) [Bk11]

The Power of Kings [Bk11]

A Sticky Business (m) [Bk11]

The Promise of Heaven [Bk11]

The Vision of Lalo (m) [Bk11]

Introduction (m) [Bk12]

Night Work (m) [Bk12]

The Incompetent Audience [Bk12]

Our Vintage Years (m) [Bk12]

Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]

To Begin Again [Bk12]


Eunuch bodyguard Unknown A huge eunuch employed as bodyguard and bouncer at the Lily Garden. Blood Brothers [Bk1]


Mercenary Unknown Member or contacter for the 3rd Commando Armies of the Night (m) [Bk7]




Tempus' barely acknowledged daughter and assassin of the brutal 3rd Commando. Tactical liaison between the 3rd and both the PFLS and the Stepsons. Sometime lover of Critias, Zip and Molin Torchholder.

A tall and broad-shouldered woman, with a firm chin and clear narrow eyes; her hair was as black as a wizard's, her clothes nondescript but cut to facilitate easy movement.

What Women Do Best [Bk6]

Witching Hour [Bk6]

Rebelís Arenít Born in Palaces [Bk6]

The Veiled Lady, or A Look at the Normal Folk (m) [Bk7]

Armies of the Night [Bk7]

Down by the Riverside (m) [Bk7]

Power Play [Bk8]

Dagger in the Mind [Bk8]

Children of All Ages [Bk8]

Death in the Meadow [Bk8]

The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]

Pillar of Fire [Bk8]

Lady of Fire [Bk9]

Sanctuary is for Lovers [Bk9]

Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]

Wake of the Riddler [Bk10]

Winds of Fortune (m) [Bk12]


Servant Beysib Old nurse who has cared for the Beysa since her infancy, now her personal servant. Introduction [Bk11]


Young girl Ilsigi(?) Young friend of Lalo's daughter Latilla. The Vision of Lalo [Bk11]


Teenage boy Rankan Eldest (14 yrs) grandson of Mariat. Mature beyond his years due to what happened to his family in Ranke. Now the man of his family. Our Vintage Years [Bk12]

The Purple Mage

Wizard /Priest of Weda Krizhtawn

Originally from Sharranpip

A powerful magician based on the Island of Shugthee. He derived his magical energy from a series of mechanical-magical devices. He was once a 'good' mage who had his character changed to evil when there was a backlash from a miscast spell.

A crafty bastard. Though he no longer worshipped the goddess, he still covered himself in rancid butter as her priests would do.

Kemren's home was guarded by both living and non-living creatures, including giant bengil crabs, guardian monkeys and poisonous spiders, both real and illusional. Kemren was killed by Masha and Smhee when one of his machines was reversed and it drowned him.

Spiders of the Purple Mage [Bk2]

The Fruit of Enlibar (m) [Bk2]
A Gift of Parting (m) [Bk3]
Steel (m) [Bk4]


Scholar / Magician Napatan

The scholar came to Sanctuary searching for a man named Setios who had a stele from his land, Napata, the Land of the River. The stele gives the location of a tomb. He and Samlor hil Samt fight 6 demons together and have to be saved by Star's conjured tornado.

Khamwas has a cultured voice and goes about hooded, and though isn't very brave and has little idea how to fight, is a steadfast companion. He is of average height and a fine-boned structure, though looks taller in his hood. Khamwas carries a staff that can with glow pale blue light. He has a daughter the same age as Samlor's niece, Star.

Has a manakin servant/pet named Tjainufi - a man no more than a foot tall which sits upon his shoulder. He received the manakin after he had preyed to certain powers for wisdom. Tjainufi sprouts advice but it is often wrong for the particular circumstance.

Khamwas and Samlor's story continues in the novel (Dagger).

Inheritor [Bk10]


Child Ilsigi Five year old daughter of Masha.

Spiders of the Purple Mage [Bk2]


Imperial Advisor Rankan The Rankan Emperor's chief adviser. A close confidant of Abakithis. Financed Walegrin's search for Enlibrite steel, but tried to have Walegrin assassinated to have the knowledge for himself.

Introduction [Bk1]

Steel [Bk4]


Stonemason Unknown Worked for Siveni Gray-eyes on the construction of Sanctuary's new walls. The Tie That Binds [Bk9]


Guard / sailor / wanderer Unknown

Companion of Jarveena. A boorish fellow with broad shoulders, large and sinewy hands, and a heard and hair of fair colour and red sunburned skin from many days at sea.

Klikitagh is under an immortality curse of a thousand years and is unable to eat or sleep at the same place more than once. He was bought to Sanctuary by Jarveena to see if Enas Yorl could break the curse. It turns out the curse was self-inflicted because of a terrible misdeed he committed and part of his punishment was that he would believe it had been unjustly cast by another person.

Enas Yorl was successful in lifting the curse, but so strong was it, Klikitagh died and rose again with exactly the same curse, but with all his previous memories gone so he could not remember the crime he had committed.

Yet Jarveena found him dead on the street, so the immortally must have been lifted also??

A Mercy worse than none [Bk10]


Family Name Cirdonian

The Cirdonian noble family of which Samlor hil-Samt and Samlane are members.

Dagger in the Mind [Bk8]


Cook Unknown Partner of Shiey and actual cook at the Peres house. Dagger in the Mind [Bk8]


Vinery Owner/
Rankan Heir to the Aquinta wine empire, who had married Mariat forty years previous, but was killed by Theron's allies when he was not quick enough to desert the memory of his old friend Abakithis. Our Vintage Years (m) [Bk11]


Silkseller Ilsigi(?) Runs a bazaar-tall, frequented by rich patrons such as Molin Torchholder. A bright-eyed man who knows when to fawn to make a sale. A careful business man.

Then Azyuna Danced [Bk3]


Fisherman Beysib Talked to by Hort to gain information for Samlor hil Samt. Was arrested with two others by Beysib cavalry. Votary (m) [Bk5]


Vivisectionist Rankan(?)

An immigrant from Ranke, driven out of there by Zalbar who took offense to his use of slaves for his experiments. Kurd was about fifty, his cadaverous body shows the neglect in clothes and grooming of a man dedicated to his avocation.

Slain by Tempus upon whom he had performed some of his viler experiments.

The Dream of the Sorceress (m) [Bk2]

To Guard the Guardians [Bk2]

The Vivisectionist [Bk3]

A Man and his God (m) [Bk3]

Godson (m) [Bk4]

Necromant (m) [Bk5]

The Art of Alliance (m) [Bk5]

Mirror Image (m) [Bk5]

Rebelís Arenít Born in Palaces (m) [Bk6]

When the Spirit Moves You (m) [Bk7]

Night Work (m) [Bk12]

The Fire in a Godís Eye (m) [Bk12]


Noblewoman Beysib The Beysa's motherly cousin. Has a pet serpent and a different headdress for every day of the week. A generous person says her servants.

Mirror Image [Bk5]

Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]

Web Weavers (m) [Bk12]

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