A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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STORY (m)=mentioned only, Bk=TW Book


Soldier Half Rankan / half S'danzo

Rankan army officer in charge of the Sanctuary garrison where his father had been slain by the S'danzo many years before. now one of the three officers responsible for the peace in Sanctuary.

Half-brother to Illyra the Seeress. They both had the same father, a Rankan soldier who was cursed by the S'danzo for seducing a S'danzo woman. Walegrin feels himself cursed by the same curse.

His luck is rarely better than 50/50, good and bad, even though Illyra feels it is nonsense. He has become well-known for hunting down and rediscovering the formula for creating Enlibar steel. There is no trace of youth left in his features. He is tall and pale, his thick, sun-bleached hair braided into four braids bound by a bronze circlet. He cuts a very barbaric figure, and usually has at least one of his mercenary company with him.


The Fruir of Enlibar [Bk2]

Steel [Bk4]

Epilog [Bk4]

Necromant [Bk5]

The Corners of Memory [Bk5]

What Women Do Best (m) [Bk6]

Gyskouras [Bk6]

The God-Chosen [Bk7]

Armies of the Night [Bk7]

Children of All Ages [Bk8]

Death in the Meadow (m) [Bk8]

The Small Powers that Endure [Bk8]

Pillar of Fire [Bk8]

Lady of Fire [Bk9]

Sanctuary is for Lovers [Bk9]

Lovers Who Slay Together [Bk9]

In the Still of the Night [Bk9]

Sanctuary Nocturne [Bk9]

Cade (m) [Bk10]

Wake of the Riddler (m) [Bk10]

Seeing is Believing (But Love is Blind) [Bk10]

The Best of Friends (m) [Bk11]

Red Light, Love Light [Bk11]

The Promise of Heaven [Bk11]

Our Vintage Years [Bk12]

The Fire in a God’s Eye (m) [Bk12]

Web Weavers [Bk12]


Elderly home keeper Ilsigi Elderly mother of Masha. A tall skinny, sagging-breasted woman of fifty, with gaunt deeply-lined features. Her breath smells sour with sheep and goat's cheese.

Spiders of the Purple Mage [Bk2]


Barfly Ilsigi(?) Patron of the Vulgar Unicorn.

Shadowspawn [Bk1]


Caravan guard Ilsigi

Lalo's son and eldest child. A member of Walegrin's guard patrol and junior master of the caravans. In love with Vanda's friend, Rhian.

Mirror Image (m) [Bk5]

A Breath of Power [Bk6]

The Color of Magic [Bk7]

Lady of Fire (m) [Bk9]

The Vision of Lalo [Bk11]

Quicksilver Dreams [Bk12]

Web Weavers [Bk12]


Traveller Of the southern mountain folk - the mountains, though never named, seem to have been over 2 months travel north. Possibly from Kaimas. Wess, with her 3 companions, located and rescued the missing Satan from a circus in Sanctuary. She's a young, dark woman who could pass unnoticed as an ordinary citizen anywhere. A brave and loyal lass who can look after herself. Looking for Satan [Bk3]


Thug Ilsigi Big, muscle-bound, latern-jawed oaf who works as muscle for Mange the bounty-hunter. Wik is happy to take his orders and spend the money he got on booze.

Our Vintage Years [Bk12]




A down-and-out young Ilsigi whose life has improved immeasurely since he began working for Strick. He once worked as a lackey for Jodeera, when he was best described as an overage street urchin.

The Veiled Lady [Bk7]

Spellmaster [Bk9]
Homecoming [Bk10]
The Vision of Lalo (m) [Bk11]


Unknown Ilsigi(?) One of a pair of lovers startled by Shadowspawn's passing in the dark.

Shadow’s Pawn (m) [Bk2]

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