A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Drugs, herbs and potions of Sanctuary

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NAME: Agris
WHAT IT DOES: Cures a persistent stomach ache
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: When crewed, the flower of the agris plant helps with stomach ache and indigestion
- costs a silver coin.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Alum
WHAT IT DOES: Hides the lack of virgity.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: ??? (Taken orally or rubbed on the body)

NAME: Citrus
WHAT IT DOES: Disguises body odours
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Piece of citrus, crushed in the palms, and the juice smearing on the body.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Fruit seller

NAME: Coadjutant paralysis poison
WHAT IT DOES: The poison is not fatal; it only leaves you paralysed for a while. Surgeons use it.
The first ingredient is eaten as part of a meal. The second part was in the wine, part of its sweetness - a delicate tang of half-poison. Once mixed, the consumer falls to his hands and knees, trembling, and collapses. He is conscious, yet drools, and has loss of other control.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Lastel/One Thumb

NAME: Cylantha powder
WHAT IT DOES: Puts a person to sleep
Before you retire, take this powder with a glass of wine. A good-sized pinch of the white powder is enough to keep an average-sized woman asleep for three days. It can be stored in a small, liquid-filled vial.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Illyra the S'danzo, Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Dalin
WHAT IT DOES: Foolproof herbal abortifacient which causes miscarriage.
Expensive herb that is taken orally.
The prince's concubines are known to use it.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists, Illyra the S'danzo acts as agent for the palace

NAME: Dograya
WHAT IT DOES: Stimulant
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Seep it into tea and spoon feed four times a day - will strength the heart.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Dust
WHAT IT DOES: Poor copy of krrf
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Storm-bringer's gift, as if the stuff does anything... which it doesn't.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Dustmongers in poorer parts of town

NAME: Fever cure
WHAT IT DOES: Cures sickness / fever / diseases
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A small leather envelope with a green powder. A spoonful of the powder is mixed into a cup of water and drunk. The fever will begin to go down in ten minutes. Give another spoonful an hour later as well.

NAME: Gernay
WHAT IT DOES: Cures constipation
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The gernay is a mixture of two roots, a flower, and a leaf, all ground together, to be made into a tea with boiling water, steeped, and drunk throughout the day.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Ghassa
WHAT IT DOES: Drug similar to krrf
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Not usually found in Sanctuary
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stilcho once used it

NAME: Ginseng
WHAT IT DOES: Renews stamina
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The root is chewed.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalists, Fruit sellers

NAME: Green or moldy hay
WHAT IT DOES: Incapcitate horses
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Green or moldy hay in the feed, downs every horse on your opponents' line.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Farms, ill-kept barns and stables

NAME: Heart slow potion
WHAT IT DOES: Slow an extremely fast heartbeat
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A mixture of roots, nettles, and a large red flower which, when steeped in boiling water, and swallowed in mouthfuls every few minutes, within an hour had the heartbeat down, not to normal, but sufficiently to be reassuring.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Kleelel
WHAT IT DOES: Causes euphoria
Weaker, nastier version of krrf, it is highly addictive.
The pungent and sickly smoke of kleelel is used by the poor when they don't have money for the more expensive krrf - it is generally smoked in pipes. After two or three pipefuls, the smokers will be vomiting ,but they would claim
that the euphoria would make the upchucking worth it.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Downwind, poorer streets and taverns.

NAME: Krrf
Makes you feel young and brave, and can make fighters want to kill.
A judicious amount of krrf - the domestic kind - will keep you alert.
Makes horrible things bearable, helps against pain and dispair.
Too much krrf makes you "stoned" and intensive use causes addicion.
Smoking it, is the Ilsig custom.
Mixing it with other drugs mades it sink into the blood directly through the skin. The effects were greater, and less predictable.
Little piles of powder can be snotted directly into the nostrils, or from krrf poured into a clenched fist where thumb muscles make a well.
Caronne's finest, pure black, unadulterated Krrf can be identified as an ebony block Embossed (pressed) all over its surface with its foreign seal - an eagle within a circle (the supplier's mark).
Melt it with water over a flame, cool it, and drink the viscous liquid.
A special krrf derivative which will enhance and heighten artistic senses, though will dull practical perspective can be brewed with hot water.
When shipped, it is often hidden inside blocks of cheese or in specially-molded claypots with fake bottoms.
Usually carried on a person in a small bag made of pig's intestine or little snuff boxes.
The best Black krrf comes from Caronne, via ships & caravans. Dealers include Jubal, Lastel/One Thumb, Marype the mage, & Amoli/Golden Lily - most of her women use it, and take part of their pay in it. (She buy in large amounts.) The domestic version can be bought in most inns or from street dealers.

NAME: Mandrake
WHAT IT DOES: Three chief uses - cure impotency, poison - mandrake in an enemy's stewpot incapacitates a company, and in a ritual to raise the dead. A root of dried mandrake on a thong around the neck is also supposed to keep the secret of virtinity at a distance.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Mandrake is harvested at midnight, on a moonless night, in total darkness. No man may see the unharmed mandrake root and live, so wear a blindfold. Dig till you find a small, stiff shoot growing beneath the dirt. At Midnight, up comes the mandrake's swift flower, white as a dead man's turned-up eye. It blossoms, and sheds its cold sweet fragrance on the air, then quickly dies. It is then you dig it up. Hack away the root with a leaden trowel, and finally cut through it, pulling the mandrake free. The maimed root will shriek - it is then safe to look at it once it it wounded.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: The best mandrake grows from a felon's grave, preferably a felon who had been hanged. Herbalists, magicians, priests

NAME: Melles
WHAT IT DOES: Helps a pain in the chest
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The root of the dark melles is eaten and swallowed - costs one small Rankan gold piece.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Mixed herbs
WHAT IT DOES: Purges the stomach
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Herbs produce a series of regurgitations which help if served poisoned food.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Monkshood
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Mandrake in an enemy's stewpot decimates them.

NAME: Powdered placenta of a black cat
WHAT IT DOES: Heal an acid-eaten eye
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The placenta of a black cat, needs to be powdered at midnight. Applied to the eye will heal it quickly.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Some unfortunate cat, doctors, priests

NAME: Qualis-berry
WHAT IT DOES: Love potion - while usually distilled into an expensive qualis liqueur, the extract of qualis-berry can be made into a aphrodisiac potion.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: It is quite difficult to mix and the ingredients hard to source since the Hell Hounds drove the smugglers into the Swamp of Night Secrets.
Lythande's potion does not rouse wild, blind lust, but is one which endowes a lifelong affection in the drinker.

NAME: Rash weeds
WHAT IT DOES: Causes skin rash
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A particular foliage which exudes an irritating oil that will cause the skin to itch and bum.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Whereever weeds grow

NAME: Rose & grain
WHAT IT DOES: Helps persistently bleeding gums
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The flower and seeds of a rose, and the light brown grindings from the husk of grain are taken a spoonful each morning and night.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Smoking herbs
WHAT IT DOES: Relaxation
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A quantity of sweet-smelling, dry leaf herbs is rolled into a blue-grey leaf, and lit and produces sweet and greyish smoke.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Lythande, Herbalists

NAME: Spider repellent ointment
WHAT IT DOES: Spider repellent
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Rub the ointment on you. The ointment should repulse most real spiders.

NAME: Stibium
WHAT IT DOES: Truth serum
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A herb that can be mixed with wine - the preparation has to be started weeks in advance if you intend to have someone drink it and then spill out their life's secrets to you. The herb 'arthicum' nuetralises the effects, but one has to be careful not to eat anything made with sheep's milk for the next day or so as the 'results' would be unfortunate. At least, inconvenient, for a man who has to spend more than an hour without running off to ease himself. (Whatever the hell that means??)
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Torchholder, herbalists, priests

NAME: Stypia
WHAT IT DOES: Cures persistent headaches
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The stypia comes from a flowering herb.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Subduing drug
WHAT IT DOES: Drug used to subdue slaves (and others)
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Can be mixed with krrf or in food.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Kurd, Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Wound poultice
WHAT IT DOES: Stops cuts from going to poison
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: To slow the spread of the infection, a poultice of fresh herbs is applied to the wound.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists

NAME: Venom of the beynit
WHAT IT DOES: Many uses
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Correctly prepared it can either be an instant poison or a powerful stimulant.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Beynit snakes

NAME: Yarrow root
WHAT IT DOES: Wound pain killer
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Yarrow root shaved into a wound quells its pain.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Stulwig, Herbalists


Last Revised: December 2002.