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A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Beyond Sanctuary

Beyond Sanctuary Author: Janet Morris

Back cover blurb:

Tempus. Warrior-servant of the god of storm and war. A hero cursed with immortality in a world where death haunts every shadow...

Sanctuary. The meanest, seediest town in all of fantasy. Plagued by magic and murder, the heart of Thieves' World...

Now, in an exciting departure, Janet Morris, one of Thieves' World's most popular authors, takes her character, Tempus, beyond the city walls, beyond imaginable dangers...

Beyond Sanctuary


The Sacred Band Goes North - To War!

Here is the first full-length novel from the notorious "Thieves World" fantasy universe, where gods still stalk the land, warring with demons and human sorcerers and trampling unfortunate humanity underfoot.

If you like stories of bold brave knights employed in meritorious duty, or tales of ladies delicate and fair, be warned. Sanctuary-the meanest, seediest town in all of fantasy-may be too much for you sensibilities. There wizards, bards and maidens mingle with murderers and thieves, and the fight breaking out at the next table may be the one that ends your life.

The hero of "Beyond Sanctuary" is Tempus, leader of mercenaries and warrior-servant of Vashanka, god of storm and war. With Niko, Cime, and the Froth Daughter Jihan, Tempus faces the Archmage Datan and his unholy followers in a battle for the Rankan Empire's survival and that of his very soul.

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Beyond Sanctuary


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