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A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Jamie the Red

Jamie the Red Author: Gordon R. Dickson with Roland Green

Gordon R. DicksonA sword-swinging adventurer in a land dark with magic, from the author of Dordai!

Gordon R. Dickson
[Nov. 1923 - Jan. 2001]

Back cover blurb:

What's a father to do with a son like Jamie? Good-hearted, hot-blooded, quick to make both friends and enemies, he was too much of a firebrand to stay at home. The King's heart almost broke when he banished his favorite son...but Jamie the Red's adventures were only beginning!

[ I read this book a while ago, and as I remember, nothing to do with Thieves' World is mentioned. Dickson dropped out of the TW team before the release of the first book (and the character was actually used in Poul Anderson's story "The Gate of Flying Knives"). Dickson must have decided that all the hard work put into designing Jamie the Red shouldn't go to waste - Mic ]

Beyond the Dar Al-HarbAnother Jamie the Red Story:
Beyond the Dar Al-Harb (Tor 0-812-53550-2, Nov '85 [Oct '85]);

Collection of 3 stories, packaged as a novel. The title story seems to be an original novella, featuring Red the Jamie in an Arabian fantasy land. Not mentioned on the cover are two other stories with entirely different settings, at least one of them sf.

Red-haired Jamie, once a young Scottish prince, is now Jami al-Kafir, a bodyguard for a wealthy jewel merchant in the walled city of 'Ayla in the land of the Prophet. A simple errand for his master sets Jami on a road filled with treachery, death, and dark magics. For a Persian sorcerer has tricked him into stealing the exquisite creature called the White Flower - an enchanted woman no man can resist. And the one who desires her above all others is a powerful desert sheik, a man against whom Jami has sworn a terrible vengeance.


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