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A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Shadowspawn Author: Andrew J. Offutt

Back cover blurb:

Shadowspawn. Master thief of Sanctuary. In flight from the dark city of danger, he is robbed by four mysterious highwaymen. It is the beginning of a strange and exciting journey that leads him and his companions to the frightening source of a magical vengeance: eleven silver coins that vanish - one by one - for each stranger around them who dies...

Now, in the fourth full-length novel inspired by Thieves' World, Andrew J. Offutt takes his beloved thief Shadowspawn beyond the walls of Sanctuary, and into new realms of crime and danger, sorcery and high adventure!


He was born in the perilous streets of Sanctuary and learned to survive the hard way - by being forced to confront the alternative, time after time.

Fighter, lover, acknowledged even among the many notorious denizens of the city as a thief extraordinaire, hanse has a knack for disappearing suddenly, as it the shadows had spawned him.

But now he has left Sanctuary behind. Crossing the desert with the lovely young S'danzo girl Mignureal, who loves him, well satisfied - for the moment - with the fortune in silver coins that lines his saddlebags, he is nonetheless wary and alert for danger.

For they are heading for Firaqa - a city where power-hungry men rely on sorcery, which Hanse abhors, to combat their rivals . . . and where danger lurks in many guises.

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Last Revised: April 2000.