A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
A Notable Guide to Thieves' World A Notable Guide to Thieves' World
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Turning Points

Turning PointsEditor: Lynn Abbey
November 2002

New Stories by Raymond E. Feist, Dennis L. McKiernan, and others Empires rise and fall, but Sanctuary lives on! Sanctuary, a lawless city governed by evil forces, powerful magic, and political intrigue.

The Age of the Rankan reign of Kadakithis, the occupation of the Beysib, and indeed the erstwhile Renaissance are all in the past. It is years later and the legendary figures of Jubal, Tempus, Shadowspawn, and the Stormchildren are now just memories, myth, and rumor.

But the city and its people live on. A new pantheon of personalities have moved in and are making their mark on this dark and dangerous city.

Meet these denizens of the city where just surviving is a full-time occupation.

Meet Halott the Necromancer, Latilla--daughter of the legendary artist Lalo the Limmer, Dysan the short and scrappy thief, Jake the rat, and a host of others.

Review at Steven Silver's Reviews here.

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Lynn Abbey

Home Is Where the Hate Is
Author: Mickey Zucker Reichert

Role Model
Author: Andrew J. Offutt

The Prisoner in the Jewel
Author: Diana L. Paxson

Ritual Evolution
Author: Selina Rosen

Dennis L. McKiernan

Ring of Sea and Fire
Robin Wayne Bailey

Doing the Gods' Work
Author: Jody Lynn Nye

The Red Lucky
Author: Lynn Abbey

Apocalypse Noun
Author: Jeff Grubb

One to Go
Raymond E. Feist


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